Thursday, September 11, 2008

Love and Hate

Love and Hate, Brunswick street gallery (bsg), 15 – 28 August 2008

…he loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he…wait I love him no more!
Love and hate the biggest rivals since the beginning of time. Isn’t it amazing how flawless one’s new love appears to be? How incredible it is to overlook all those fashion faux pars just to gaze into their adoring eyes? But after one little slide it suddenly becomes crystal clear that in actual fact you never really liked his/her fashion sense particularly that shirt he wore when you first met. These ideas were brought forth in an exhibition envisaged by Janice Gobey, South African Artist whose been based in Melbourne for seven years. Love and hate opened at Brunswick Street Gallery (bsg) on 15 Aug 08 and will run for two weeks. This is such a yummy show and the viewer could relate to the works on so many varied levels; from cute little red heart shaped chocolates to beautifully framed words that remind one of the warm grandparents’ home, the display tackles such heavy subject matter in a light hearted fashion that I found myself smiling through the works. Most artists incorporated the traditional hand written love letter or diary caption.

[1]For example in Rose coloured Spectacles, the work is rich on so many levels but I particularly enjoyed the simplicity of delivery. Gobey divides the work into 3 sections; the canvas, pages from diary/journal and the actual object that began the affection – the Orange shirt.
The voyage begins with a beautiful painting of a neatly flat packed shirt that fills up her composition and next to it the supporting text affirms how she deliberately overlooked yet noticed something unsettling about this particular shirt. In the next parts of her work the slip up is summed up in a few sentences and from then on the flow of the flaws is inescapable. She writes “I woke up today in the Orange shirted man’s bed, it struck me that the room was rather bleak, mismatched linen, dog hair on the bed…”[2] According to her website, Gobey has background in Psychology and Sociology which lead her to the interest in a human behaviour she is especially intrigued by the relationship between men and women and the dynamics of romantic involvement, marriage, break-ups and other related issues. Janice Gobey is currently working on an exhibition to be held in country Victoria during February of 2009. Find out more about her story on
[1] Image details: Janice Gobey, Rose coloured Spectacles, Oil on canvas, text

[2] Janice Gobey, Rose coloured Spectacles, Oil on canvas, text

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