Sunday, January 31, 2010

Placenta Abruption

Placenta Abruption

What is it?

A complication that occurs to approximately 0, 5% of pregnancies and it arises when the placenta peels off the wall of the uterus causing the blood to pool and creating a clot.

Why does it happen?

For a number of inconclusive reasons or medical mystery at this stage. Researchers are continuing their endeavour. In my case; because my placenta was not rooting well, my baby’s growth slowed down and he was distressed – by the time I obtain the diagnosis it was too late.

Who does it happen to?

Any pregnant woman with underlying situation that could not be detected by
standard pregnancy test/scans (such as the usual ultrasounds that every pregnant woman attends)

When does it happen?

-I believe it usually happens late in pregnancy (I stand to be corrected – this is based on my experience the stories I’ve come across)

What is the solution to prevent it?

If diagnosed in time, the size of the blood clot will determine how much risk the baby & mother are in and based on that; an emergency Caesarean is usually an alternative.
When my Dr at Pretoria Academy Hospital told me that by performing Caesarean I could loose my life; I didn’t know what I was suppose to feel because it meant I had to birth my son naturally which also meant I could (in my own way) bid him farewell before I met him, it was the most bizarre feeling I’ve ever had and the scale of my circumstances only hit me days after I left the hospital.

… And why am I saying all these out loud?

Well, one of the many advises that I took on board after loosing my son was that I must talk in order to help my sanity. So at the end of each sentence I feel better than at the beginning of it and the significance of knowing that someone else is reading [this] gives me comfort to know that by sharing with you - means you will have empathy for me and other mothers as well as appreciate the position that stillbirth leaves a grieving mother in.

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